Breathe, Relax and Open Your Heart to The Cosmos.

Research has shown time and again the immense benefits of Yoga — from relieving Stress and Anxiety, to reducing harmful Inflammation and most of all improving overall quality of life.

What is Unique About Vishuddhii Yoga?

  • At Vishuddhii, we have created a UNIQUE space designed to maximize your benefits.
  • You will be performing Yoga in a stimulated forest bathing environment.
  • You will be breathing purified air with naturally ENHANCED Oxygen Levels.
  • You will practice in a background of relaxing nature music.
  • Your healing benefits will be enhanced with Sound Healing with Special Gongs.
  • The Yoga Asanas will have special focus on Chakra Health.
  • Special Affirmations to boost fitness and overall health.

Special Yoga (Chair Yoga for Seniors)

Seniors, who are unable to practice Yoga on the floor, can benefit immediately from Chair Yoga. In Chair Yoga, we will ensure special attention to seniors who have chosen to improve their quality of life.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga focuses on ACTIVE RELAXATION and brings you into the zone of just BEING. Restorative Yoga offers magnified benefits by nurturing the Body, Mind and Soul. The body is supported with props and is alternately stimulated, relaxed and moved towards overall balance. At Vishuddhii, we will ensure personalized attention, through individual sessions or small groups.

Benefits of Vishuddhii Yoga on Your Mind and Body

The benefits of Vishuddhii Yoga are innumerable as it helps in treating Back Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, improves Heart Health, helps in curing Asthma, improves Digestion, helps sleep better, brings Mental Clarity and so on.

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