Five Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Mala 108 Beads

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Ruling God is Kalaagni Rudra and the planet is Jupiter. Mantra is “Om Hreem Namah”

20 MM Size Nepali Original Rudraksha Japa Mala 108 Beads.

Wearer gains health and peace. Lowers blood pressure.

Five faces is the most flexible Rudraksha that anyone can wear for common reason like health benefits, control blood pressure and migraine. Five faces are useful for manta chanting and regular Puja at home. You can wear while meditating as well as long distance tour/trek/expedition. It helps to have peaceful environment between your family members and also at your work.

One who touch or wear Rudraksha gets the same benefit as donating thousands of Cow. Controls blood pressure, mental disorders, neurological disorders, asthma, diabetes and gynecological disorders. Relieves stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression and lack of concentration. It possess powerful electromagnetic, paramagnetic and inductive properties and thus on wearing these Rudraksha, specific electrical impulses are sent to brain stimulating certain positive brain centers and thereby causing transformation in the personality, outlook, charisma and confidence of the wearer.

Buy 5 for 850.00 each and save extra 15 %
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