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Biofeedback is measuring a physiological response from the client and by using a computer interface resending proper physiological oscillations back to the body. It enables you to learn how to change some of your physiological activities for the purpose of improving health. Biofeedback can be used for Stress Disorders and Stress Therapy. Since, Stress is the Root Cause of many diseases, Biofeedback helps in healing wide range of diseases.


We are equipped with a sophisticated tool ”Quantum Biofeedback with the SCIO-EDUCTOR, a non-invasive advanced Scientific Interface that helps do wonders with ourselves in a matter of minutes.This tool not only helps us understand ourselves better, it finds Root Cause of Stress and simultaneously realigns and repairs each and every cell bringing back harmony. Stress comes in various forms—Toxicity, Trauma, Mental Factors, Pathogens, Nutritional Deficiency, Perverse Energy, Lifestyle, Habits and the list goes on. Continued Stress produces erratic vibrations causing disharmony in the functioning of the body and finally resulting in disease. The SCIO-EDUCTOR works on this Stress, restoring the individual and collective cell harmony.

There are very GOOD RESULTS we have seen in the following.

  • Weight Reduction.
  • Super Learning.
  • Reverse Aging.
  • And many more possibilities.
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