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Learn how Thyroid can be Cured Naturally?

The Thyroid is a disorder that affects the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland present on the front side of the neck. The body’s metabolic processes are completely regulated by this gland. There are various types of thyroid disorders and they affect either the structure of the gland or its function. Iodine is the main component used by the thyroid gland to produce essential hormones in the human body. The gland produces Thyroxine (or) T4 as the primary hormone. Once the hormone is passed over to the tissues of the body through the bloodstream, a tiny portion of T4 is converted to triiodothyronine, T3, the most active hormone. The two types of thyroid are hypo and hyper. On the whole, it is necessary to keep the thyroid level within the range to prevent the body from various ailing conditions.

In Hypothyroidism condition, the body fails to produce enough thyroid hormones. It affects approximately 2% of people globally and it targets ten times more likely to affect women than men. There are certain foods to eat for hypothyroidism such meat including beef, lamb, chicken, whole eggs, fish including tuna, shrimp, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, fruits namely oranges, berries, tomatoes, bananas, cheese, yogurt, milk, gluten-free seeds and fruits such flax seeds, rice, chia seeds, buckwheat.

Hyperthyroidism is the condition in which the thyroid hormone is excessively produced. This condition is other called thyrotoxicosis. A hyperactive gland can produce excessive thyroid hormone. Low-iodine food, Vitamins and Minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D and Calcium-rich foods help in treating hyperthyroidism naturally.

100% success rate has been seen using the described methods, With Vishuddhii for thyroid issues. Time is nigh. You may approach the natural healers for the cure.

Sound Healing

People with thyroid problems always have a pattern of feeling that they are backed by obstacles in their way to success and flourishing. Their desires, the living become very narrow and they are totally prevented from achievements. They will be longing to enjoy their life. When this situation maintains for a long period, it may rise to hypothyroidism with constant frustration or hyperthyroidism when the condition is joined with constant anger about their present situation. Sound healing helps immensely in such deficient/overactive thyroid cases to restore balance which is being affected. Like any other organ, thyroid resonates to certain sound frequency measured in hertz. Using headphones and listening to this frequency helps in aligning and balancing thyroid levels. Listening to this frequency is very easy and enjoyable. You may also chant ‘hum’ or the sound that matches its pitch while listening so that you can further increase personal resonance with this sound healing frequency.

Magnesium Pool

Magnesium has an essential role in health maintenance and it ensures the body’s functions optimally. But most of us suffer from magnesium deficiency that leads to severe hormonal imbalance. The correct levels of magnesium in a human system helps in regulating hormones produced by the thyroid and overtime the thyroid function is restored to the normal state. Stress is the major cause of the hypothyroid condition. When bathing in Magnesium pool, the mineral enters into the muscle through the skin pores as the body is soaked. Magnesium is primarily responsible for Muscle contraction and relaxation. While taking Magnesium pool bath, the complete body is relaxed and thus stress is reduced. So, the hypothyroid condition starts to come down.

Bio Energy

Balanced energy levels are indeed necessary for well-being. In this procedure, the healer acts as a channel who allows positive energy to flow into the patient with his one hand and removing negative energy with the other hand. Thus, for thyroid patients, the healing touch regulates thyroid dysfunction and makes the gland to secrete at normal range. This non-invasive method is popular among patients presently.

We run around medicines for every ailment. The time may take a bit longer to cure chronic diseases completely, but surely the diseases will be cured completely with such natural holistic treatments.

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